Health Check Packages

Keep track of your health without changing your daily routing

Medanta Africare understands that your time is at a premium, so we have combined world-class medical services to bring you the most comprehensive, streamlined Executive Health Check-up available.

Men’s Health
We want our men to be strong and stay healthy, that’s why Medanta Africare offers comprehensive health services for men. We are committed to your well being. To help you prevent, diagnose or treat common men’s health concern we offer you:

  •  Prostrate cancer screening
  •  A lipid profile (hypertension) that test your cholesterol levels
  •  A diabetic profile
  •  A thyroid profile
  •  A liver function test
  •  A kidney function test
  •  Mineral levels in your body - magnesium, phosphorus, iron and folic acid levels
  •  Uric acid tests for gout
  •  Bone density, bone strength and Vitamin D

Women’s Health
A woman has various roles to play in her life - she is a mother, a wife, a career woman or a sports woman. Therefore, her health should be our priority. At Medanta Africare, we offer these services for women to stay healthy

  •  Gynaecology
  •  Pregnancy ultra sound
  •  PAP Smears for cervical cancer screening
  •  Comprehensive eye check ups
  •  Kidney and Liver function tests
  •  Breast cancer screenings

How our packages are tailored to meet your needs

Medanta Africare has various Executive Health Packages designed to provide you with the best medical knowledge, expertise and facilities. The Executive Health Program offers a variety of check-ups, each with its own specialty, blending Medanta Africare's diagnostic expertise with the latest in preventive medicine

Explore our various Health check packages?

Special Complete Body Profile (Men/ Women)

Our Complete Body Profile is a tailor-made package designed to meet the requirements of both men and women with range of tests and diagnostics. The package includes basic blood tests that provide close attention to your heart, kidney, liver, cancer screening and bone health in addition to consultation with our experts.

Ksh. 9,999/-

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